Environmental tax levy, dyeing factories throughou
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Environmental protection tax came
Our country welcomes the first green tax law
Since January 1, 2018 onwards
"People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Tax Law"
Officially implemented

The introduction of environmental protection tax, the tax object and the scope of the current sewage charges are basically the same, the scope of a clear tax directly to the environment emissions of air, water, solid and noise and other pollutants.
The current sewage charges based on fees and charges, set the tax standard of environmental protection tax. Such as:
The amount of air pollutant tax is 1.2-12 yuan per pollution equivalent;
Water pollutant tax amount is 1.4-14 yuan per pollution equivalent;
Solid waste by different types, the amount of tax per ton 5-1000 yuan;
Noise by excessive decibels, the amount of 350-11200 yuan per month.
In addition, in order to prevent enterprises that emit pollutants can be arbitrarily discharged after tax payment, enterprises and institutions that explicitly discharge environmental taxable pollutants directly to the environment and other production and business operators shall, in addition to paying environmental protection taxes in accordance with the provisions of this Law, The damage caused by the law assumes responsibility.
According to industry analysts: the annual output value of 50 million yuan for the benchmark of medium-sized textile printing and dyeing enterprises, for example:
Each year to pay the amount of air pollutant tax, a total of about 6-12 million;
Need to pay water pollutant tax, a total of about 8-150000 yuan;
Need to pay sawdust, dust, chemical waste, solid waste and other taxes, a total of about 15-30 million;
The need to pay noise tax, a total of about 5000-2 million per month;
In summary, the annual green tax for a medium-sized textile printing and dyeing enterprise should be between RMB 300,000 and RMB 700,000.
This shows that the textile industry is basically the same, so we can see in January 1, 2018, after the formal implementation of the Environmental Tax Law, will substantially increase the environmental costs of textile printing and dyeing production enterprises. The textile printing and dyeing enterprises in the face of increasing costs, bound to be passed on the production of products, you can judge is that in 2018 dye up or down!
In the dye cost increase under the cost pressure, the first wave of environmental remediation in 2018 has been opened, dyed plant shutdown is still painful ... ...
From the current provinces and cities crackdown efforts and planning point of view, environmental remediation is no longer a "minor", more will be carried out as a normalized work. To Foshan, Guangdong, for example, recently "three-year plan of action" has been started: If you do not upgrade equipment, if you do not meet environmental standards, you will never be able to start!
2018 first wave of environmental remediation has been opened: Guangzhou bleaching and dyeing plant shut down! 52 bleaching and dyeing before February 10 stop row!
As law enforcement officers twist the valve, Guangzhou Jiahe Garments Co., Ltd. steaming steaming braved steaming fog gradually disappear. Immediately, law enforcement officers locked in the valve with a chain wound, affixed a white seal, the machine slowly froze down ...
On the morning of December 31, 2017, the second batch of polluting enterprises in Xintang Environmental Protection Industrial Park stopped its sewage work.
It is understood that the second batch of enterprises to stop the sewage have 18 different levels of pollution, security risks and procedures are not perfect and so on, which prominent problem of enterprise emissions is troubled the surrounding residents for a long time, is the most concentrated around the masses complaints enterprise. To stop the sewage of enterprises is the necessary measure to implement the requirements of environmental inspectors and improve the living environment.

Xintang Environmental Protection Industrial Park and then lift "stop scheduling tide"
In promoting the second batch of 18 polluting enterprises to stop the overall leading group of sewage disposal arrangements, law enforcement officers "divides six routes", go to all enterprises to stop the sewage work.
Reporters followed law enforcement officers came to Guangzhou Peng Yu wash bleaching Co., Ltd., fast garment dyeing factory, Arts-wash Co., Ltd., and many other enterprises.
Into the factory workshop, a surge of stingy choking stench on the face. Dyeing and dyeing process has been produced by the sewage, only the ground leaving the brown water marks.
Dust floating in the air makes it very difficult for people entering the plant to breathe. Most of the business workshop has been empty, the relevant equipment and facilities have all been closed, the machine has also stopped working.

▲ law enforcement officers to take measures to cut off the factory floor, the plant was dark
The company is located in:
▲ empty production workshop, the machine stopped running
During the operation, after inspecting the enterprises, the working team of Zengcheng Power Supply Bureau and Xintang Power Supply Station sealed the switch of the enterprise's overall power switch and stopped the production of electricity and electricity supply for the enterprise. The environmental protection law enforcement officers respectively conducted the inspection on the steam Pipe valve, sewage pipe to close and lock the seal posted.
After the bleaching and dyeing enterprises stop production, all the sewage pumps will be stopped and sent to the sewage treatment plant.
To stop the sewage companies to stop gas and stop the use of industrial water and other initiatives, the district environmental protection bureau to the relevant person in charge of publicity and interpretation of relevant environmental protection policies and laws and regulations, signed a temporary agreement to stop production, and on-site environment for timely monitoring.

▲ law enforcement officers wear insulated gloves, turn off the brake

Fight pollution prevention and fight tough fight
There are 76 washing, dyeing and dyeing enterprises and oil depot enterprises in Xintang Environmental Protection Industrial Park (Xiapu Industrial Park), Xinzhou Industrial Park, Dongping Industrial Park and Xizhou Oil Depot. Due to the varying degrees of supporting facilities, the environmental protection facilities have not been approved yet The issue of discharging pollutants according to law, or discharging pollutants in violation of the requirements of the pollutant discharge permit, exceeding the discharge standards of pollutants or discharging pollutants in excess of the discharge control targets of total discharge of major pollutants are listed as the focus of this round of rectification.
Required by strengthening the normalization of law enforcement inspection and mandatory standards
In September 10, 2017 to complete 5 oil depot enterprises and a washing and dyeing and finishing business remediation;
Three oil depot enterprises and 15 washing and dyeing and finishing enterprises were completed before December 31, 2017;
By February 10, 2018, 52 washing and dyeing and finishing enterprises were completed.

▲ law enforcement officers close the valve, lock and post a seal
Enterprises to stop the sewage situation
In order to ensure the smooth operation of enterprises to stop the sewage, Zengcheng District set up to promote the second batch of 18 polluting enterprises to stop the leading group, the relevant town streets and departments in advance full communication and coordination and co-ordination arrangements.
After the relevant preliminary work, the second batch of 18 polluting workers payroll work has been basically completed by December 29, 2017; 18 polluting enterprises to stop power supply, stop gas supply, stop the supply of industrial water purification, stop the treatment of sewage and other measures By December 31, 2017 basically implemented.
The company is located in:
▲ law enforcement officers will steam valve locked iron chain
The implementation of the same day to stop the sewage operation is proceeding smoothly, related businesses have completed the work to stop the sewage, and is implementing the demobilization of workers, and properly clean up the company debt and other follow-up work arrangements.

2018 is another year of struggle!
Boss, please do a good job with long-term environmental remediation fight preparation!
Forbear the tears, tearing forward!

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