Spring and winter creative fabrics continue to sel
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Recently, the knitted fabrics in the traditional markets of China Textile City continued to sell well with turnover continuing to grow and the prices were firmer. The winter and spring varieties of knitted creative fabrics were interactive and the value-added products of the new style fabrics were somewhat boosted. Fashion fabrics and popular products to the interaction, established in the popular but also presents a different style, fashion color fabrics continue to increase, the new flower fabrics continue to launch, creative fabrics increase the amount of incremental delivery. Marketing of knitted fabrics continued to expand, with some warp knitted fabrics expanding from apparel fabrics to home textile fabrics.
Polyester warp knit North pole velvet width 170CM, 150 g / m 2 ivory, white and width 170CM, 190 g / m 2 coffee, beige, special black, Delivery, Chengdu, Sichuan occasional vehicle delivery. Polyester warp knit North pole velvet width 160CM (edging), 182g / m2 light beige, rose red color fabric Local delivery bulk increase; width 175CM (wrapping), 180g / sqm special black, the white color Fabric large local bulk delivery, occasional vehicle delivery; Width 162CM (edging), 185 grams / square meters of green fabric in the local bulk shipment.
Polyester Warp Single-sided cotton velvet Width 160CM (package edge), 220 g / m2 Cream yellow fabric Local stores shipped bulk increase, occasional vehicle delivery; width 160CM (edging), 180 G / sq m special black, rose red, beige, beige color fabric bulk shipments increased, and occasionally vehicle delivery.
Polyester DTY144F single-sided flannel 185CM knit, 190 g / m2 special black, dark green, brown, red coffee, beige color fabric local larger quantities shipped, occasional vehicle delivery, Zhejiang Huzhou woven occasionally Vehicle delivery.
Polyester DTY96F knit dyed one-sided stretch is not down cashmere door width 175CM, 300 g / sq m special black, red, purple color fabric local delivery bulk increase, width 175CM, 280 g / When the bulk of the goods increases, the whole vehicle is shipped. When there is a whole vehicle shipment in Huzhou, Zhejiang, the shipment volume of customers in Qiantang Road, Fidelity Road, Xingguang Road and Qingfeng Road has increased. Polyester DTY96F knit dyed one side is not down cashmere width 178CM, 240 g / m2 special black color fabric partial orders bulk increase, occasionally larger quantities shipped. Polyester DTY144F knitted single-sided non-cashmere, Polyester knitted single-sided non-cashmere velvet 185CM, 400 g / m gray fabric partial orders to increase bulk, occasional vehicle delivery.
Local orders for knitted non-down tops increase in batches, polyester DTY single-sided non-down velvet, single-sided non-down nylon-polyester, nylon single-sided non-down velvet, nylon non-woven velvet one-sided, 165CM, 320 g / m gray fabric part of the operating room orders increased, and occasionally vehicle delivery.
Warp knitting North velvet, cotton cashmere, lamb velvet 162CM, 200 g / m carbon gray fabric local shops there is a larger volume shipments, Shandong Jimo there is a larger volume shipments.
Knit California Rabbit plush width 170CM, 200 g / m2 special black, bleach, beige, rose red, light pink, Baolan color fabric local small and medium batch delivery. California rabbit plush width 170CM, 170 g / m fabric increased sales of many varieties of color, some operating outlets are still in bulk delivery. Knitted fine cotton pull rack width 170CM, 180 g / sq m Turquoise, Tianlan, Baolan, coffee, light yellow color fabric local small and medium-sized shipments. Knitted cotton rib fabric to produce men and women cotton sweaters, cotton pants based, special black, gray gray fabric local orders to increase bulk, occasional bulk shipments. Knitted cotton spandex stretch jersey width 165CM, 180 g / m2 bleach, orange red, Cuilan color fabrics local orders bulk increase, occasionally larger quantities shipped. Knit T / R Polyester and Viscose Lycra width 168CM, 190 grams / square meter red, apricot fabric orders increase the number of local orders, occasional bulk shipments.
Knitted cashmere French version of the door 165CM, 220 g / square red, plum red, sky blue, green, dark green, black and white fabric sales outlets in small quantities. French cashmere knit, French cashmere brushed French version 170CM, 220 g / m2 fabric small and medium-sized shipments. Polyester DTY96F Knitted dyed fleece width 160CM, 220g / m2 Celestial blue, Cymbidium, orange, rose red, pink, green, green, turquoise, golden yellow, beige, beige, rice White, white, white bleached fabric bulk orders to increase bulk, occasional vehicle delivery.
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