China Textile City: build an international textile
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China Textile City: build an international textile and fashion capital

Shaoxing China Textile City from scratch, from weak to grow, after 20 years of development to cultivate, and a national leader in the professional market, both because of the comprehensive development of the domestic economy, but also inseparable from local government advance planning.
In recent years, the local government to the scientific concept of development, around "services county" strategy and the "International Textile fashion capital," the goal of building to enhance the development of China textile city as the starting point, and play a leading China Textile City leading role, effectively leading textile industrial upgrading and promoting urban economic prosperity and further establish China Textile City, the world's leading position in the professional market, and strive to build Shaoxing County, "Upgrading to lead the region, textile trade gathering areas, urban economic pilot area."
Reasonable planning and construction to enhance the market size grade
To accelerate the development of China Textile City, enhance the core competitiveness of the textile city, since 2006, Shaoxing county government embarking on the China Textile City Planning and Construction. In early 2006, from Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Institute of Industry and Commerce jointly prepared by urban and rural planning, "China Textile City Market Development Strategy and spatial planning", on the current situation of China Textile City and problems in depth analysis, combined with domestic international development of the situation, put forward China Textile City new development strategy, and implement it in space. Through a series of initiatives to bring China Textile City to achieve a qualitative leap.
First, the transformation of traditional market trading, enhance the development of realization. Since 2006, the Textile City Dongsheng Road Market launched one, two, three, seven districts north market, the old market, the Northern Alliance and other projects market renovation project, has been gradually put into operation, greatly improved the traditional trading image area.
Second, the new Innovation Zone Kebei market, the implementation of dislocation development strategy. Accordance with the "old market stable development, innovation and development of new markets," the development of ideas, the new Kebei apparel accessories market, Kebei gray market, in the original market, based on the upstream and downstream industry chain extension, to further expand the size of the market.
The third is to create an international trade, promote trading update. With the rise of e-commerce, based on traditional trading methods, and vigorously promote the company's trading, via the Internet information technology, which greatly improves the radiation range of China Textile City, to further enhance the China Textile City in global influence .
Fourth, focus on facilities planning and construction. China Textile City in promoting the construction of the main market, while the original infrastructure systematically transform and upgrade.
Innovation Management service to create a good atmosphere for the market
China Textile City, the focus on hardware construction, also pay attention to market software management services for the actual situation, market innovation and social management.
Specifically, they put on the market in social management "grid management, group-service" model, the establishment of 21 large grids in the market, 164 small grid, grid services established 27 teams, enhancing the overall market society management level. First, strengthen the protection of intellectual property market. In the lead in the introduction of "China Textile City Market intellectual property protection opinions" and "China Textile City Market textile quality management advice", establish and improve the "government-led, departments, associations supervision, corporate self-regulation," the linkage mechanism, accelerate China Textile City textile production and intellectual property protection, monitoring and security, and effectively protect the market of original enthusiasm, stimulate textile manufacturers and market dealers entrepreneurial innovation, enhance the brand image of China Textile City. Second, strengthen the service management market. Approval of the establishment of China Textile City service center for dealers to provide a one-stop, convenient one-stop services; enforcement unit set up market urban safety supervision, the introduction of market management measures and operating room management advice circulation, according to the law regulating the market conduct of operations, efforts to reduce Market costs; the effective implementation of quality control, and actively implement the market credit rating classification regulation, to build credibility, civilized market; organized "China Textile City's most valuable brand" contest to encourage innovation market dealers a license; the establishment of China Light Textile City security company, active in the market operating room use rights secured loans business, and effectively solve the financing problems of small business operators. Third, strengthening the market technical intermediary services.
Optimize investment market to flourish Long City
Since 2008, the market transformation and new projects have been put into operation, dealers market group annual rate of growth of around 3 000 are foreign representative offices in order to speed the growth of 150 per year, Dongsheng Road market, Kedong storage center, international trade areas are rapidly KL. First, adhere to the investment principles. Always adhere to both dealers and buyers, investment and remain both providers, the principle of domestic investment and foreign investment of both. Second, innovative investment philosophy. Adhere to the "going out, please come in" investment philosophy, change "shopkeeper" targeted investment as "peddler", went to Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Henan, Liaoning and other fabrics market and industry cluster is located. Third, the rich investment approach. Adhere to the traditional advertising investment, family business, home investment approach, while also creating a fair investment, docking investment, pushing into new investment initiatives, so that textile city market to maintain sustained prosperity, availability vacancy rate control in less than 8%, the new renovation market Guomao area were successful investment, faster Long City. Fourth, the substantial investment content. Focus on cooperation with industry associations, chambers of commerce market, with authoritative information and resources for the self-transformation of a single self Merchants Association of Merchants and Chamber of Commerce, institutional investment combined mode, while the introduction of textile dealers, to introduce more textile professional institutions.
Adhere to brand marketing to enhance the influence of Textile City
China Textile City focused on enhancing the development of strategic objectives to further focus on its image and outreach efforts, the "news + Events + ad" model, to be called "press to clear the way, events coordination, advertising rear" propaganda model to broadcast TV, newspapers and magazines, professional networks for the media, make full use of the professional market and professional exhibition and other promotional platform to carry out comprehensive China textile city brand marketing. First, improving the brand-building content. Continue to implement the "China Textile City" brand strategy to textile city successfully created the "national integrity of the market", "National Copyright demonstration base" as an opportunity to increase brand awareness efforts textile city, in the CCTV advertising, promotion light Textile City market brand strength. Second, innovative branding channels. In doing Japan "Senken News", "China Daily", Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po", "China Textile News", "Textile and Apparel Weekly" and other media on the basis of cooperation, strengthen cooperation and network media, both inside and outside his family in nearly conduct professional website marketing, relying on the European Yellow Pages, Google and Yahoo and other foreign sites, promote global textile city. Third, for many years organized professional contests. After repeated cooperation with the China Textile Industry Association, China Fashion Designers Association, China Textile News, and other professional organizations, the two industry professional event - China International Fabric Contest and China International Fashion Design Competition keqiao has been settled for many years now Success for the two contest the title "China Textile City Cup."
Booming exhibition industry to improve the visibility of Textile City
In recent years, seeing great potential for development of exhibition industry, the textile industry and the use of the unique advantages of China Textile City Market, Shaoxing county, the county long-term perspective, planning, strengthen international exhibition, specialization, market-oriented, to enhance the spinning Bo will the visibility, influence and brand effect, making Textile Fair are on a higher level every year. Currently, Textile Fair has grown into the domestic textile industry brand exhibition. Its growth, for all to see. 1999, first held in Shaoxing County China Textile City Textile Fair; 2004, Textile Fair title "International"; in 2006, was listed as the Commerce Department Textile Fair key areas of domestic support exhibition; in 2008, the first few Textile Fair basic session on the successful operation, first launched in the spring textile expo; in October, the State Council approved the Ministry of Commerce, "organized by China International Textile Expo Keqiao Reply consent" to the provincial government issued, textile expo officially promoted to the national level of international textile professional exhibition, Shaoxing County, a new county the highest level of brand, a milestone in the history of the development of the textile expo, is conducive to the further growth of China Keqiao International Textile Expo, making it better with international standards, but also make the Yangtze River Delta because of the rise of the exhibition industry in Shaoxing with built even more perfect.
"Keqiao Textile Index" has become industry barometer
October 2007, the Ministry of Commerce formally authorized the release of "China · Keqiao Textile Index", became the nation's first textile index. October 2008, completed the English site, released to the world. China Shaoxing textile market is "first industry after the market" mode of development, formed a complete industrial chain, China Textile market prices and state of the economy directly affected by the situation affecting production and processing enterprises, exports by state enterprises Impact. Therefore, the preparation of China · Keqiao Textile Index, which fully reflects the characteristics of the market and the importance of China Textile City of Shaoxing textile industry, but also ensure that the "China · Keqiao Textile Index" of healthy and sustainable development.
The textile index is determined by the Ministry of Commerce, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province Economic and Trade Commission, relying on Chinese textile city prepared published four parts by the textile price index, climate index textiles, textile and textile export orders index index. Among them, textile prices include fabric index, index of apparel fabrics, home textile and fashion accessories index index; textile market sentiment index for textiles and textile industry prosperity index climate index. Price index published once a week, every Monday at noon release last week's prices; climate index published once a month, every month at noon sentiment index released last month; export index published once a month.
"Keqiao Index" published since 2007, is getting more sophisticated: First index rising influence. Organized a national forum on the index, enhanced index work professional role in promoting market development; annual information compiled and distributed special issue 20, published 30,000 copies, and the national professional organizations issued textiles; open "China · Keqiao Textile Index "microblogging and mobile multimedia services, increasing the index publicity channels. Second, the index published content continuous improvement. In accordance with the principles of "scientific choice of site, encompassing, prominent characteristics", the timely completion of the market more than 200 collection points change. Meanwhile, the price index, the general prosperity index, foreign trade index index is currently leading three categories on the basis of further planning confidence index, efficiency index, the scale index and classification refinement index. Third, the index editors continue to regulate the procedure. On the basis of preliminary preparation of summary published work, to establish a "hand of market information collection, data validation centralized audit reporting, index compiled unified release" tertiary index publishers and editors, and constantly enhance scientific index compiled specification.
E-commerce platform to promote market linkage development
Online Textile City in Shaoxing County in the "five" period, invested 2 billion yuan to build a collection of textile industry information, trade information database, products and corporate Guinness, textiles online trading, public information services in a global the largest textile industry e-commerce platform, the effective realization of the physical market and online market linkage convergence.
Online Textile City in Shaoxing covering all textile companies and distributors, as well as 1.8 million domestic and foreign textile industry professional members, is committed to creating the world's largest concentration of textile information, trading the most convenient, highest degree of integrity of the textile industry e-commerce platform. Online Textile City comprises five centers: Trade Information Center, industry information center, online trading centers, community exchange centers, public information service center and six package: textile logistics and testing services, textile samples show services, online financial services Market management services, mobile terminal services, textile enterprises online office services.
After completion of the online textile city, will serve more than 60 percent of global textile enterprises, to become the backbone and an important force in modern textile and garment industry, the textile industry restructuring and industrial upgrading contribute!
With the further development of economic globalization, the international division of labor has become more evident, as a modern professional textile market, China Textile City to actively integrate into the global textile and clothing supply chain among modern professional market unique advantages, to create a global textile The most abundant products, textile and information the quickest, most complete credit system and management services of the highest quality textile center, closely around "clusters, modernization and internationalization" development ideas, firmly established a leading position in the professional textile market.

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