Four major trends from the first half performance
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Four major trends from the first half performance to see men's brand development

 ■ Shanshan
The first half of 2015, the company achieved operating income of 1.871 billion yuan, up slightly by 0.09%; to achieve operating profit of 715 million yuan, representing a substantial increase of 502.74 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 611 million yuan, surged 413.79% ; to achieve profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses after the rate of 85.06 million yuan, down 28.70%, basic earnings per share of 1.49 yuan.
Shanshan be conducted earlier in the transformation and upgrading of industries, from apparel to lithium battery materials, to the acquisition of rare earth mine into the upstream industry, to finance investment, not only to get involved in banking and insurance, but also by a number of private equity funds and venture capital companies futures, equity, venture capital and other business. Now, with clothing started Shanshangufen already have clothing, lithium battery materials, financial investment three plates, it is an industrial and financial capital to draw together the enterprise.
Angelo first-half results, the company revenues 1.004 billion yuan, representing an increase of 0.56% over the same period last year; net profit attributable to equity holders of 75,199,300 yuan, compared with the same period last year by 12.08 percent. As of the reporting period, the company a total of 1335 kinds of brand outlets, the business area of ​​228,800 square meters, compared with the same period last year to reduce the 92 outlets and reduce the 20,700 square meters, a total of 935 million yuan revenue outlets, representing a growth of 3.46 percent over the same period last year . Angelo side said that in addition to increased operating performance initiative to adjust the structure of the store, hit energized providers O2O whole channels, mainly due to the company focus on promoting private custom business C2B whole category.
Last July, Angelo formal implementation of a comprehensive Internet-based. Made in Anhui, Wenzhou and Shanghai three factory-based implementation of intelligent production; consumer transition as an opportunity to create personalized whole category of private custom; to public business, Peoples innovation as the starting point, and promote social marketing. According to Angelo's plan, the next three years, to take full advantage of existing business infrastructure to provide nearly a thousand whole category of private services are tailored to develop smart tailoring business platform 1000, 1000 wedding custom cooperation projects and global private custom shop 1000 thus weaving an in-depth consumer buying scene, multi-touch, multi-stakeholder participation in the social marketing network.
■ Younger
Younger released first half results, the company achieved operating income of 8.71 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9%; net profit 2.9 billion yuan, an increase of 58.71%. Its Hart Schaffner Marx, GY, HANP, MAYOR four new brands total operating income of 210 million yuan, sales accounted for 9.33%, an average increase of 38.34%, total sales gross profit 130 million yuan, an increase of 43.27%. Currently the main Youngor clothing brand operating income 2.27 billion yuan, representing an increase of 4.52% over the same period last year.
Younger side said, relying on the line 3078 stores, officially promoting the reporting period "O2O marketing platform" construction, promote the functions performed by traditional shop sales model to a comprehensive transformation experience, to build value-added services centers, customer experience centers and fashion cultural center. To break through the price war competition, differentiated operations, Younger O2O marketing platform to test the water, and proposed a "four 1000" strategic development plan, that is, within the next five years, the development of 10 million in spending over 1000 yuan active members , 1000 annual sales of 10 million yuan or more marketing platform. According to statistics, the total number of members of the Younger all brands reached 174.35 million, an increase of 40 million compared with the beginning.
■ seven wolves
Seven wolves released in 2015 semi-annual report shows that first half operating income of seven wolves 1.13 billion yuan, an increase of 10.42 percent over the previous year; net profit of 111.5 million yuan, compared with year earlier, down 26.28%; basic earnings per share of 0.15 yuan, compared with the same period last year decreased by 25%.
The first half of last year, a total of seven wolves end stores 3155, ended June 30, 2015, seven wolves, the number of channels for the 2636 terminal, a net decrease of 519 stores. Earnings from the past three years can be seen, continuous closed shop, sales fell seven wolves has become the norm. ?
The first half of 2015, seven wolves adjusting their development strategies, to be made of pure Industrial Industrial + investment into the way they operate, and tap new profit growth point. In a solid and stick Industries, based on efforts to seven wolves main brand of transformation and reform in consumer demand as the starting point to promote the products, channels, supply chain remodeling, continuing to strengthen the capacity retail terminal building, promotion of brand adjustment and upgrade. Next seven wolves will continue to adhere to multi-channel, all-round three-dimensional brand mode of operation, to maintain tone of the brand. According to the existing product strategy, we will be able to channel the terminal into the performance brand image, position the brand image of the store and to sell basic models cost-effective products to the factory store, and according to the division of categories corresponding upgrading of the terminal stores.
■ Kanu Di Road
The first half of 2015 the company achieved operating income of Kanu Di Road 372,943,200 yuan, representing an increase of 2.19% over the same period last year, operating profit of 27.8129 million yuan, representing an increase of 0.53% over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 23.9444 million yuan, representing an increase of 18.60 percent over the same period last year. As of June 30, 2015, the total number of company stores to 379, compared with December 31, 2014 a net reduction of 88. Among them, the outlets to 255, to 124 stores.
The rapid development of mobile Internet, the rapid rise of buyers shop and O2O business model in the context of the rapid impact of traditional industry model, the company comply with the Internet + initiative O2O fashion industry trends to determine the "online service, in line experience" development strategy, consumer and user-centered experiential upgrade, to promote the transition to a business model + O2O to combine online and offline Internet from traditional retail, the transformation and upgrading of the industry's leading Internet + global fashion brand operators. The company set up the fashion e-commerce platform will be the second half of 2015 on-line testing.
■ Caesar
Caesar shares issued in 2015 half year results, the company achieved operating income of 285 million yuan, an increase of 27.72%. Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 15.914 million yuan, an increase of 85.08%. Main business structure, the apparel business revenue grew only 9.44%, gross profit margin fell 20.74%. Compared with this, the last year have been working culture and entertainment industry is a strong performance, cultural and entertainment revenue 39,279,000 yuan, an increase of 91.42% gross profit margin.
While double-digit earnings growth, but clothing has become the main business drag Caesar shares. Company timely adjusted for the apparel industry business development strategies to the changing situation, accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions restructuring, a comprehensive pan-entertainment transformation to the Internet. Currently, the company has completed pan-entertainment industry chain, "IP operators + IP commercialization" of the layout.
■ Sea Orchid House
Sea Orchid House filing shows the first half of 2015, the first half of Sea Orchid House achieved operating income of about 7.93 billion yuan, an increase of 39.58%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 1.67 billion yuan, up 35.68 percent; to achieve the main e-commerce business revenue 209 million yuan, representing an increase of 95.59 percent over the same period last year. In the first half, Sea Orchid House 207 new stores, the total number of stores in the end of 3382, an increase of 6.89 percent, effective store business area increased by 18.11%.
2015 Sea Orchid House plans to achieve operating income increased by 20% to 30%, first half operating income of 7.933 billion yuan, up by 39.58%, slightly over the company goals. Sea Orchid House side said that the company relies on brand marketing management, sales channel management, supply chain management and data management, competitive advantage, gathering resources, integration of industrial chain advantage, accelerate the full integration of complementary channels, online and offline, accumulation and upgrading brand value, in order to achieve healthy and rapid growth in operating results. Within the three-year plan to expand the number of stores five or six thousand, focusing on developing a second-tier city's image store, flagship store.
■ Lee Lang
Lee Lang announced its interim results, net profit increased by 12% to 277 million yuan, the basic earnings per share of 0.23 yuan. During the period, revenue grew 9% Lilang to 1.188 billion yuan, gross margin was flat at 41.1, operating profit increased by 16.4 percent to 343 million yuan, inventory turnover days to 58 days.
Lilang side said that the company's same-store sales growth in the first half for the low number of units, from July to August growth rate of 6-8 percent, as the company improved order situation in the first half, held in autumn and winter orders, and therefore have confidence in the next half same-store sales growth has accelerated to high digit growth. The second half, Lee Lang will increase the proportion of original products and to achieve annual goals shop. LILANZ and L2 shops were flat and a net increase of 20-30, and in the second half to complete 80 LILANZ brand stores decoration. In addition, the company intends to acquire women's and children's clothing brand.
■ Chinour
The first half of 2015, operating income of 506 million yuan Chinour, an increase of 8.27%, net profit rose 127.83%.
Chinour said that the future will actively promote Internet + program, the high-end custom and O2O, intelligent manufacturing integration. The company recently announced that, to be planning a major reorganization of assets, the purchase Khorgas minimally Star Venture Capital Co., Ltd. through the issuance of shares and cash payment, holders of Kashi Galaxia Venture Capital Co., Ltd., of Beijing Xinghe Internet Ventures Limited 100% of the shares. It is reported that Beijing Xinghe Internet Venture Capital Co., Ltd. operates in the venture capital business, agents of other venture capital companies and other institutions or individuals venture capital business, venture investment consulting business.

Four men's brand development trend
Men's business has always been the benchmark and the main force in the clothing sector. From the major men's business performance in the first half 2015, the overall situation warms, the focus of development and have different emphasis. Men's business development for the current domestic situation, characteristics and trends, China is still sinks consolidate the following points:
■ custom business
High-end custom men's business transformation has become a breakthrough in the depth direction of adjustment. Faced with China's future space high fixed market, many companies have rules and layout men, force advanced customization, in addition to good news birds, Shanshan, Youngor, seven wolves, and other men Chinour custom business enterprises are targeting. Currently, the domestic men's business in the development of a custom business class is the main high-priced high-end heavy custom business, one is the use of technological means of information technology, networking and big data, custom build intelligent systems, relying industrial assembly line to achieve multi-style, low-volume, relatively low price customization.
■ Financial Investment
Under the impetus of the national financial sector reform favorable policies, instruments and garment enterprises involved in financial investments more diversified, and more innovation. In the capital of penetration and catalysis, combined with industrial and capital increasingly close financial investment strategy of many men into the mainstream of enterprise development, to participate in the establishment of buyout funds industry has gradually become a new wind. Companies in accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the main industry, to enhance the core competitiveness aside, are adjusting their development strategies, and actively promote the capital acquisition strategy, cross-border financial seek diversified investment opportunities and seek new breakthrough business growth, to seek new development opportunities.
■ Multiple cross-border
From the clothing enterprises in the first half performance status view, an important factor to enhance the performance of the clothing business growth is undoubtedly diversification. Throughout diversified men's cross-border business, mostly concentrated in the finance, electricity, Internet, health, relative convergence of cross-border trade, intelligence and other emerging industries, and hot industry, and other industries, the A-share market investment. And diversification strategy in the past is different, now the major garment enterprises more diversified strategy to drive to the capital, under the birth of capital strength, diversified and enterprise restructuring and upgrading. A veteran of the apparel business, such as Youngor and Shanshan, in this wave of capital to continue its wildly like a wave of cross-border cross-industry, the pace diminished, while newcomers also moves frequently, the continued implementation of business expansion through diversification path, through mergers and acquisitions chain horizontal and vertical expansion.
■ upgrade
Whether profit and loss performance, has become the only way to upgrade the domestic brand of men to save themselves. In the garment industry capital increasingly strong background, men's business transformation, restructuring and upgrading of the road are developing in depth, future development will show more patterns and directions, and to promote the industry structure further differentiation. + With the continued popularity of the Internet as well as to promote the concept of O2O, men's business transformation and upgrading of the action has more on the Internet +, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and focus on O2O mode. In addition, many men have recognized the new opportunities for business the store, shop online channel adjustment and optimization to increase horsepower upgrades to enhance the terminal stores sales quality and capacity.

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