Color Masterbatch cooperation experimental center
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Color Masterbatch cooperation experimental center inaugurated

Color cooperative experimental center China Dyestuff Industry Association of Professional Committee of masterbatch with Datacolor Asia Pacific Limited jointly established (color laboratory), inaugurated in Beijing Materials Science and Engineering, University of Chemical Technology January 29.

    Masterbatch special committee Secretary-General Qiao Hui said the establishment of cooperation experimental center color for the establishment of domestic and color pigment database software provides important technical support means, the quality will enhance domestic pigments play a positive role in promoting, at the same time build a platform for the domestic paint to enter the international market.

    China Plastics Processing Industry rapid development of masterbatch industry made increasing demands, plastics paint application areas has become the fastest-growing branch. According to the special committee masterbatch senior adviser WU Li-feng introduced as the main raw material of pigment masterbatch industry has made considerable progress in recent years, the quality of some varieties have nearly reached the international advanced level. However, over the years due to a lack of domestic pigment database, plastics enterprises in processing products for foreign customers, even if equipped with advanced color measurement instrument and matching software, there is no domestic pigments to choose from, this has an impact on domestic pigment in plastics The main obstacle to the application. Established with domestic plastic paint and color matching software database as soon as possible is imperative masterbatch industry.

    According to reports, this is a more costly system work, we need to complete the relevant units of multi-party cooperation. The China Dyestuff Industry Association masterbatch special committees in cooperation with Datacolor Asia Pacific Limited, is designed to aid their respective strengths to promote domestic pigments, masterbatch, plastics processing enterprises to enhance their technological level, to provide new technologies solution. Datacolor Asia Pacific Limited is the world's leading supplier of color measurement instruments, while providing color management solutions.

    Secretary-General of China Dyestuff Industry Association Tian Liming, president of the Great North of Materials Science and Engineering Yang Wantai, Datacolor company's sales director, Asia Pacific Dai Yunsheng attended the opening ceremony.

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