How to choose the right masterbatch needed?
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Masterbatch coloring dye coloring ratio has many advantages, and with the development of plastics processing industry, in particular the establishment of numerous joint ventures and export products increased requirements for coloring, coloring masterbatch gradually dominate, they masterbatch suitability classification, it can be divided into general and special masterbatch masterbatch.

Special masterbatch
When manufacturing masterbatch, selection and want colored resin the same resin as the carrier, high concentrations of pigments (dyes), under the effect of additives, by heating, plasticizing, kneading, extrusion granulation, made specially suited to the kind of resin, dye, called special masterbatch. Special masterbatch concentration can be high or low, generally in the amount of between 1% to 4%.

Universal masterbatch
The main difference between universal masterbatch (some call it "universal masterbatch") and special masterbatch comprising: universal masterbatch although in some resin as the carrier, but it can be applied to coloring in addition to its carrier resin other resins , so called universal masterbatch.

The so-called universal masterbatch, in general, the following measures (some manufacturing plants simply do not have resin as carrier, and all as a carrier with a high melting point wax propylene): First choice of a low melting point, high melt index of the resin as a universal masterbatch Secondly, the masterbatch pigment powder ratio as high as possible, so universal masterbatch must be a high concentration masterbatch, the amount used in the injection molding products are generally 1%; carriers such as PE or EVA. Due to the different media carrier masterbatch very small (less aid factors, usually around 20%), content when it is then diluted in the proportion of 1% For colored resin contained within the plastic products of different resins : 0.2kg / 100 = 2g / kg. In order to make universal masterbatch can be combined with other types of pigmented resin good (good compatibility), our universal masterbatch also uses other measures, such as adding special effects multi-coupling agent, to extend the mixing time , which are conducive to improving the broad applicability of universal masterbatch.


What the selection of the appropriate masterbatch? Whether universal masterbatch most appropriate? Let's manufacturing plants, distributors, users, and economic efficiency, easy or not, products effect and other aspects for analysis.

Manufacturing plants in terms of:
In order to produce universal masterbatch must choose a higher heat levels, wide applicability pigments, pigment powder and temperature levels to a certain extent, each increase of 10 ℃ ~ 20 ℃, the cost of the pigment have to rise 50 percent to 100 %. When universal masterbatch with pigments made from some kind of high-temperature, high-melting resin when used in coloring matter when it is used, while LDPE resin used in such a low melting point, but it is surplus value increase.

Another example: Some dyes can be applied to ABS, HIPS some hard plastics coloring and tinting strength, does not migrate, low cost, it can be used to make polyethylene masterbatch products can not be used because it would seriously Migration, Universal masterbatch can not choose it as a dye.

Because universal masterbatch emphasized that GM, it is to the resin for the sake of the other, so its use of materials has been limited, certainly increase the cost of production, selling and use costs also increased, but not absolute, sometimes for some users, cost of using the universal masterbatch but will decline, it is because the use of dedicated masterbatch ratio of 1:25, but with the use of universal masterbatch ratio of 100, capable of reaching the universal masterbatch 1kg 4kg of special masterbatch , factory production and processing costs masterbatch fee, per kg in 5 to 10 yuan (equipment, quality masterbatch, masterbatch varieties, management level varies). Masterbatch purchase 3kg less, the processing cost savings for the user by the manufacturer, so even if the price is higher universal masterbatch unit, due to the amount of reduction, converted into a colored resin per ton fee, but than using dedicated masterbatch cheap.

Some distant dealers and users often welcome universal masterbatch, in addition to saving a few thousand dollars / ton freight outside, easy to use is also a factor. Some SMEs take orders, resin varieties, the production process required to constantly changing resin in coloring requirements are not very stringent conditions, then, buy universal masterbatch, its broad applicability of the advantages to fully revealed. In addition, less into some breeds of masterbatch, reducing inventory, and easy to sell; while standing masterbatch manufacturer's point of view, in the fierce market competition, the lack of orders in the case, hoping to produce more of these special masterbatch, not only can save the cost of raw materials, and can earn more fees.

Coloring effect to analyze:
Because of different resins in the coloring process, the extent of "eat Colors" is not the same, the same as the amount of different resins, coloring effect will be different, sometimes differ considerably. Such as ABS, HIPS its "eat color force" is very powerful, and illiquid. In this case, it is difficult to achieve with the universal masterbatch intended effect, in turn, the universal masterbatch broad applicability, although its carrier resin incompatible with the colored resin can be ignored, but not equal completely absent. Production and use of universal masterbatch unit has a certain pressure, all aspects of the slightest mistake, "hidden" problem will become "dominant" issue.

In addition to the above-colored cast outside, due to the addition ratio is small, the relative dispersion badly, plastic surface prone pattern, spots, color point, still to feed species due to discord caused by crackling and other phenomena, in particular large-area, thin-walled plastic parts and complex shapes more to attract attention, then as far as possible using special masterbatch, and choose low-concentration masterbatch to increase the added amount to improve its dispersion (optional 1:20, 1:10 special masterbatch).

Through the above analysis and comparison can be seen, universal masterbatch and special masterbatch is different, but the coloring effect and product performance is still better than the universal masterbatch special masterbatch. We recommend that when the user determines the types of colored resin of their own desire, the preferred private masterbatch.

We produce high quality polyester masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, nylon masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, functional masterbatch, and has been committed to high, fine, sharp, new, special masterbatch development and production.

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[Industry Orientation] masterbatch industry technical level and direction of development

In terms of product development, China's masterbatch manufacturers have developed a fiber masterbatch, film masterbatch, wire and cable Masterbatch polyolefin masterbatch, PVC masterbatches, plastic products Color Masterbatch tablets. Masterbatch future will be towards multi-functional, high color content and high-tech direction, mainly in the following aspects:

1Development of multifunctional masterbatch

Plastic or synthetic products often require products along with a variety of performance, integration with other features colored masterbatch made of plastic or synthetic products to improve performance, streamline their production process is significant. Multifunction masterbatches include: coloring products used in coal mines, flame retardant, antistatic multifunctional masterbatch, coloring used in chemical fiber fabrics, antibacterial, insulation, conductive masterbatch, used in plastic products, coloring, toughening mother tablets.

2High-performance engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomer masterbatch development

High performance engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomers of rapid development, such as thermoplastic fluorine plastics and thermoplastic polyurethanes, which adapts its products also need colored masterbatch. Such as poly FEP masterbatch, masterbatch polyvinylidene fluoride, thermoplastic polyurethane masterbatch masterbatch industry gave it presents new challenges. These masterbatch preparation are very different from traditional masterbatch in the selection of raw materials, processing technology and conditions of use.

How to adapt to a high-performance engineering plastics ultra-high temperature processing performance, special rheological properties of thermoplastic elastomer technology challenges will be faced.


3Special grade developed large quantities of masterbatch

With the rapid development of China's plastics industry, production of masterbatch have greater growth than in the past. Some species will no longer directly supply masterbatch downstream plastics manufacturers, but directly to the upstream petrochemical companies, with color masterbatch and resin made directly modified materials, such as pipe materials, automotive and other special materials. The formation of this mode of production has been made in the past in small quantities, multi-species featuring masterbatch production model to be part of the transition to a single species, large-scale production mode. Changes in production patterns will also give masterbatch technology challenge, how long to ensure uniformity of masterbatch production, how to adapt to large screw granulation technique will be technical problems to be solved by such a masterbatch.

 4Development masterbatch dispersant, additives

With multifunctional masterbatch, high-performance engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomer masterbatch, special grade bulk masterbatch development, with the support of R & D dispersant and additive masterbatch industry will be faced with future The important task. Such as the development of composite dispersant, high temperature dispersants, rheological properties of regulating agents.

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