How to choose the dye?
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Fabric dyeing is the majority of textile enterprises
An indispensable part of,
But once you want to develop a new product,
How to choose the dye?
This article describes several methods of dye selection.

Dyes are selected based on the mechanical properties of the dye

Due to different dyeing machinery, the nature of the dye and the requirements are not the same. If used for jiggering, the dye of higher directness should be used; for the padding, the dye of lower directness should be selected; otherwise, the product with non-conformity such as shallow depth before and behind, uneven color and the like will be produced.

Dyes are selected according to the nature of the fiber

Due to the nature of various fibers of different colors, you need to select the appropriate dye. For example, cotton fiber dyeing, because of its molecular structure contains many hydrophilic hydroxyl, easy to hygroscopic puffing, with reactive groups from the chemical reaction, and more alkali, it can choose direct, reduction, curing, ice dye And active dye staining.

Polyester hydrophobic, high temperature, alkali, under normal circumstances should not use the above dyes, but should choose to disperse dyes for dyeing.

Dyeing color choice

In the need spell color, the choice of dyes should pay attention to their composition, solubility, color fastness, dye-up rate and other properties. Due to the different dyeing properties of all kinds of dyes, dyeing often affects the dyeing effect due to the differences in temperature, solubility, dye uptake and the like.

Therefore, spell color, you must choose the performance of similar dyes, and the closer the better, it can be beneficial to the control of process conditions, the quality of dyeing stability.

Choose the dye according to the intended use of the dye

Due to the different uses of the dyed objects, the requirements on the fastness of dyed products are also different. For example, the cloth used for curtains is not often washed, but often by sunlight, so when dyeing, you should choose the higher light fastness dye. As underwear and summer wear light-colored fabric dyeing, due to regular washing, sun, so you should choose a wash, sun, high perspiration fastness of the dye.

Masterbatch is a plastic, fiber coloring new product developed in the 1960s. It is a composite of polymers prepared by uniformly loading pigment in resin. Masterbatch mainly composed of colorant, carrier, dispersant three parts.

Color Analysis: Masterbatch advantages
Pigments in the product has better dispersion
Color Masterbatch in the production process to refine the paint to improve pigment dispersion and tinting strength. The special masterbatch carrier and the product of the same plastic species, has a good match, heated and melted pigment particles can be well dispersed in the fiber.

Help to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment
Direct use of the pigment, the pigment in the process of storage and use of direct contact with air, the pigment will absorb water, oxidation and other phenomena, and made masterbatch, the resin carrier will pigment and air, water, can make the pigment quality long-term change.

Ensure product color stability
Masterbatch particles and resin particles close to the more convenient and accurate measurement, the mixing will not adhere to the container, and the resin is also more evenly mixed, so you can ensure the stability of the amount added to ensure product color stability.

Protect the health of the operator
Pigments are generally powdered, easy to add when added and mixed, will be affected by human inhalation of the operator's health.

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