What is Polyester masterbatch?
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What is Polyester masterbatch?

First of all, we must know the meaning of the color masterbatch: a plastic colorant made of a high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resins, which is well dispersed, and the resin selected has a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant, and has good compatibility with the colored material. That is: pigment + carrier + additive = color masterbatch.

The polyester masterbatch is based on polyester resin, and then mixed with carbon black or other colors of pigment extrusion, resulting in small particles used for dyeing other plastic products.

Polyester masterbatch products have a wide range of colors, complete chromatography, black, extinction whitening, fluorescent whitening and various colors, which can be prepared according to different requirements of customers. The product series mainly includes: PET filament masterbatch and short fiber masterbatch according to fiber.

Polyester masterbatch is suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as filament spinning equipment and process requirements from UDY, POY, FDY, etc. Also used in polyester high-strength industrial silk; Staple fiber production equipment such as Toyo textile equipment produces various colors of staple fiber, and is also suitable for other quality requirements of fiber production.

The polyester color masterbatch has good light resistance and heat resistance, the melting point is above 280℃, and the polyester color masterbatch has strong hygroscopic property. Before using the polyester color masterbatch, the color masterbatch should be dried at 120℃ for more than 8 hours.

Polyester masterbatch packaging storage: The product adopts double packaging, the inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, the outer layer is paper-plastic composite bag. Standard packing 25kg/bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the cushion, avoid sun, rain, masterbatch color quality of up to 5 years. The remaining parts should be re-sealed after opening the bag to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.

If you need more information about polyester masterbatch or have related needs of this product, please call for consultation and purchase! The company warmly welcomes friends at home and abroad to call us to negotiate business!

Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., Ltd.  was established in 2009, is a professional engaged in color masterbatch, modified plastic and functional masterbatch research and development, production and sales as one of the enterprises. The company covers an area of 63 acres, 8 factories 45000m, with 40 advanced production lines.

Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., Ltd. mainly produces: high quality polyester masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, nylon masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, modified plastics, biodegradable masterbatch, functional masterbatch, special masterbatch, non-woven masterbatch and so on. And has been committed to high, fine, sharp, new, special modified plastics and masterbatch research and development and production, with national defense science and technology research units and universities to jointly develop domestic advanced functional masterbatch and so on.

The company has widely selected advanced colorants at home and abroad, selected advanced equipment and strict laboratory testing methods, so that the products have the advantages of complete chromatography, color group science, good spinnability, high color fastness, strong functionality and so on. And through supporting spinning proof machine, injection molding machine, computer color meter, DF value detector and a series of development and testing equipment, color matching, production, marketing and service of samples are implemented in accordance with ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 system. Has a strong sales service team, perfect management and after-sales service.

Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of: polyester masterbatchpolypropylene masterbatchnylon masterbatchnon-woven masterbatch and so on.

If you want to know more product information, you can contact Ms. Yang at 15988315556, Tel: 0573-87656555, fax: 0573-87659333, Email: info@goldcolormb.com, Address: No. 68 Beitang Road, Yuan Hua Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, Website:http://www.gold-colormb.com

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