Colorful May came to a perfect end | Golden Color New material staff physical examination and team building activities were successfully held!
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Colorful May came to a perfect end | Golden Color New material staff physical examination and team building activities were successfully held!

In early summer, all things are in full bloom, and beauty is born towards the sun. In order to ensure the health of employees, enrich the cultural life of employees, and strengthen the cohesion of the company's team. On May 31, Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., Ltd. organized staff health examination and team building activities, so that every employee can personally feel the company's care and warmth for them! We gather together to go to this hot and hot early summer date!

Happy departure for the physical

On the morning of May 31, all employees gathered at the company and took a bus to Zhejiang Xinan International Hospital for physical examination. In the process of bus driving, many fun games are wonderful, the atmosphere is happy and harmonious. After arriving at the hospital, under the guidance of the medical staff, our employees queued up in an orderly manner to receive the physical examination list and carried out the physical examination item by item.

About Zhejiang Xinan International Hospital


Zhejiang Xinan International Hospital is located in the core area of Xiuzhou District, beside Xiuhu Lake. It is a large-scale comprehensive international hospital jointly approved by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is a designated hospital of Zhejiang Provincial Medical Insurance, Jiaxing five counties and two districts of urban and rural cooperative medical insurance, and a designated hospital of 120 emergency network, and has become an important part of Jiaxing's medical and health system.

The hospital has advanced facilities and equipment, equipped with various high-end imaging equipment such as CT/MR/DR/DSA, advanced color ultrasound equipment such as four-dimensional color ultrasound/whole-body color ultrasound, high-definition gastroenteroscopy system/endoscope system, high-end biochemical assembly line/blood assembly line and other inspection equipment, as well as various advanced surgical equipment. It can provide patients with comprehensive, safe and accurate inspection and diagnosis and treatment means.

The hospital adheres to the JCI standard as the criterion of hospital service and management, adheres to the patient-centered, takes patient safety as its own responsibility, adheres to the perfect combination of technical medicine and humanistic medicine, treats patients with integrity, develops its career with intentions, and serves the society with sincerity.

Take the bus and head out for a checkup

Be disciplined and orderly in line

Physical examination on site

After the physical examination, eat in the buffet area

Through the physical examination activities, not only to ensure the health of employees, but also to enhance the sense of security, happiness and belonging of employees, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees.

Take a group photo


The joy group builds vitality

After completing all the physical examination projects in the morning, everyone was excited to take the bus to Jianshan Weekend Farm, and we first watched the golden color promotional video, and deeply understood the development process and corporate vision of the company.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Ding and Mr. Zhang respectively delivered a mobilization speech for the group construction activity, thanking all Golden Color employees for their hard work and efforts for the company, hoping that every employee can feel the power of teamwork and harvest happiness in this activity! And wish this group building activity a complete success!

Leadership speech


-- President Ding delivered a speech --


-- President Zhang delivered a speech --

Then, fire training and Heimlich first aid training. Let every employee understand the use of fire extinguishers and precautions; Learn what "Heimlich first aid" is, how to deal with emergency situations, consolidate the mastery of this skill through field practice, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies.

On-site training

Take a group photo


BBQ, outdoor barbecue rice

After the training, everyone talked and laughed, sat together to prepare dinner barbecue, happy, with the ignition of the charcoal fire, the aroma of the barbecue ingredients began to roll on the grill. Look at the sizzling oil flowers, then sprinkle cumin, brush on the barbecue sauce, fragrance is full ~

At 15:30 in the afternoon, everyone rolled up their sleeves, with a clear division of labor, collecting wood, carrying water, washing POTS, preparing various ingredients, and waiting until everything was ready, they began to cook wild rice.

Everyone shakes into a chef, groups PK cooking, in the wood fire simmering, a pot of wild rice burst out of a rich fragrance, delicious food on the table, we sit together, enjoy their own cooking brings happiness!

In this cooking competition, congratulations to the winning group of this wild rice competition: First place: Group 14; Second place: Group 1; Third place: Group 12.


The world May, comfortable and comfortable, the breeze slowly. Gather here, everyone together to drink, speak freely, wonderful colorful, wonderful group building activities in the joy and laughter successfully ended!

End the journey

Employee health examination and team building activities are an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. Happy gathering is beautiful, heart together is a team! Looking forward to 2024, we will work together, firm faith, to a higher level!

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