What are the main components of the masterbatch?
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There are many types of color masterbatch: polyester color masterbatch, nylon color masterbatch, polyester filament color masterbatch, polyester BCF color masterbatch, polyester FDY color masterbatch

What are the main components of the masterbatch?

Generally speaking, the color masterbatch is mainly composed of three parts: colorant, carrier and dispersant.

Customers with different colors, monofilament size, filament shape, temperature resistance, light resistance and other performance requirements, to provide customers with personalized service.

Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., LTD., established in 2009, is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and production of color masterbatches. With 30 advanced production lines, with an annual output of 20,000 tons of masterbatches, the main production of high-quality polyester masterbatches, polypropylene masterbatches, polyamide masterbatches, plastic masterbatches, functional masterbatches, and has been committed to the development and production of high, fine, new, special masterbatches. Together with national defense science and technology research units and colleges and universities to develop the domestic leading chemical fiber conductive masterbatch, national defense military masterbatch, three anti-sweat masterbatch, color-changing masterbatch, anti-radiation shielding masterbatch and so on.

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