Ink fragrance auspicious dragon Yingchun
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Ink fragrance auspicious dragon Yingchun | Yuan Hua town Federation of Trade unions joint golden color new materials to carry out spring joint into the enterprise activities!

The New Year is approaching and the flavor of the year is getting stronger. In order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of China and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers, the "Year of Warmth and Happiness with One Heart" sponsored by Yuan Hua Town Federation of Trade Unions, Yuan Hua Town Social Affairs Office (Cultural Tourism), and co-organized by Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., LTD., the Spring Festival walks into the grassroots into the enterprise to send blessings and send the Spring coulion and the trade union Law popularizing activities to create a happy, festive, peaceful and civilized festival atmosphere.

Send couplets to welcome the New Year


Zhejiang Jincai New Materials Co., LTD., the ink is fragrant, full of the New Year, the calligraphers are all running, splashing ink, with exquisite calligraphy skills, the good wishes into a stroke.

At the event site, not only the employees of the company participated, but also the employees of the neighboring brother enterprises also participated in the activity.

The calligraphers put their sincere blessings into the pen, and the red canvas was spread out and dipped in thick ink. The Spring Festival couplets are vivid, festive and auspicious, full of good wishes, so that the whole scene is filled with thick joy and joy.

"Golden dragon send Fu Nian shun, running Qiankun Bubugao" "nine domains dragon Teng Huan Sheng, three spring Yan dance music breeze"... After a while, a full of New Year's greetings, meaning a bright future of the Spring Festival couplets, the word "blessing" jumped on the paper.

Everyone enjoyed the calligraphers' ink treasure, selected the favorite Spring Festival couplets, and the faces of the people who got the Spring Festival couplets were filled with happy smiles. Thick ink, write a strong flavor of the New Year, but also write the staff's sense of gain, happiness, security, the staff hope for a better life in the coming year.

Red Spring couplets, thick blessings, reflecting a smiling face, the scene will be particularly hot and festive. In addition to the Spring Festival couplets, the activity also integrates legal knowledge publicity, adult education enrollment, mobile convenience services, and "anti-pornography and illegal publications" publicity, which is rich and diverse and wonderful, and has been warmly responded by enterprise employees.

There is no united spring, there is a united spring thicker. A pair of exquisite Spring couplets, a happy blessing, for the majority of workers in the New Year work, life cheer! The activity of sending Spring couplets not only inherited the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, created a strong New Year flavor, and took Spring couplets as the carrier, so that the workers and the masses felt the blessing and warmth of the Party and the government as well as the trade union organization!

The staff who have the need to improve their education have a look!

Adult education enrollment has begun, interested parties please scan the QR code below to follow the "Haining Yuan Huacheng School" public number, you can view the specific information.

Application Office Address: Office 308, 3rd Floor, New Era Civilization Practice Institute, Yuan Hua Town (318 South Street Road, Yuan Hua Town, next to Yuan Hua Library)

Registration starts on January 2, 2024.

Contact number:

Mr. Zhu 13757301226(wechat same number) Office phone: 89266298

Mr. Qian 13819359506(wechat number) Office phone: 87866715


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