Introduction of non-woven masterbatch
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Introduction of non-woven masterbatch

The color masterbatch of the non-woven fabric can be used with the raw material resin in a certain proportion (according to the specifications of the non-woven fabric and user requirements), and the required color effect can be achieved by simple mixing (without adding any additives).

The non-woven masterbatch can make the pigment fully and evenly dispersed in the product, so that the pigment and the resin can obtain good compatibility. It solves the problems of dyeing products directly with pigments, tolerance between pigments and trees, uneven dyeing, pollution of equipment 'environment and other products.

Significant advantages of non-woven masterbatch:

1, easy to use, can be colorant, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other collection, made into multi-functional masterbatch use.

2, uniform coloring, stable production process, can improve the quality of products.

3, wide adaptability, can adapt to manual and high degree of automation molding production system.

4, green environmental protection, no cross pollution in the same environment.

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Gold color non-woven masterbatch has excellent material selection, bright and stable color, and is widely used in spunbond, melt-blown, SMS and other non-woven fabrics, filament, staple fiber, BCF, FDY, high strength yarn, stretch yarn and so on. Non-woven masterbatch can provide customers with personalized service according to customers' different colors, monofilm size, temperature resistance, environmental protection and other requirements.

Non-woven masterbatch product quality index (for different models, different masterbatches)

Appearance: uniform particles, no dust

Moisture content: ≤0.5%

Heat resistance: up to 300℃

Light fastness: up to grade 8

Weather resistance: ≥4

Environmental protection: All products comply with ROHS standards

The main components of non-woven masterbatch are generally divided into three parts: colorant, carrier and dispersant. These are newly developed pigmentation products such as plastic integrators and fibers in the last century. They are complexes of pregnants obtained by adhering ultra-uniform pigment contents to resin.

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